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Behind the Camera


My name is Joseph Garcia and I was born in Perris, CA. I am a Filmmaker, Director, Writer, and Editor based in the Los Angeles and Riverside County with a Bachelors of Science in Film. 

Since I was small I always been fascinated with images that provoked such strong emotions in me. I made it my dream to make films that provoke the same strong emotions I felt in others and to one day inspire someone just how I was.   This is how my films come about. I enjoy experimenting and challenging myself so my work covers a wide range of subjects, styles and techniques: documentaries, shorts, music videos, experimental and much more.

I have an excellent understanding of editing and basic color correction ranging across short-form TV to documentary or music videos. When I'm not directing I love being on set as Assistant Director. I have more than five years in management which has made me excellent in scheduling, timing, and communication.

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